Would You Like to Lower the Cost of College?

Are you wondering how you or a loved one will afford the rising cost of college? Most parents and students are overwhelmed once they truly understand the total cost, especially when so little direction is available for those who will begoing to college next year or in the next few years. The truth is, most guidance is not available for those in the later stages of college planning. Relief is finally here!

Pat Fehlig, a Certified College Planning Relief Specialist, provides the guidance you need. She offers free one-hour workshops for your group of friends or associates, or will schedule an individual meeting one-on-one where you and your student can:

  • Take Steps Right Now to Significantly Lower the Total Cost of College
  • Re-allocate Assets to Maximize Financial Aid Qualification
  • Understand the FAFSA, the EFC and How it Impacts Affordability
  • Afford the Total Cost of College while Protecting Retirement
  • Learn the Facts When Comparing Public vs. Private Schools
  • Develop Best Practices for School Selection with Checklists & More
College Funding Innovations is committed to making college more affordable for parents and students. Contact us to schedule an appointment.